Tuning Dongle for Ebikemotion X35
This speed tune E bike dongle is for use with the Ebikeikemotion X35 system. Some of the more popular bikes that include this system are:
	Orbea Gain
	Orbea Optima
	Cannondale Supersix Evo Neo
	Cannondale Quick Neo
	Wilier Cento1 Hybrid
	Pinarello Dyodo
	Ribble Endurance SLe
	Ribble CGR AL e
	Bianchi Aria E-Road
	Colnago E64
	Scott Addict eRide

    If you are finding that you are unhappy with the current speed of your bike, tests have show this dongle can increse the speed by up to 17%. How does it work? Unlike other dongles, this does not double your speed However it does stop the controller from ever getting to its set limit. The dongle is powered by the system so there is no need to change batteries. Once installed it just does it's thing! Other bicycle manufacturers that use this system are:
	Rocky Mountain
	Logo Bikes

The total length of this dongle is 12.7cm long. We made it this length as any shorter, it would be bulky in the middle causing fitment issues. 

We appreciate your support.
***Due to statutory regulations it may not be allowed to use this product on public roads. It is for off road (private land) use only. Please check with your local authorities before use. This product may void any warranties available with your bicycle. This device has not been thoughly tested on the new Mahle X35 Plus system. We do not guarantee our product will work with it and no refunds will apply.If you update your firmware this device may not work due to antihacking upgrades. 

Tuning Dongle for Ebikemotion X35

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