Speed Tune Dongle for X35 Ebikemotion

  • How much faster will my bike go?

    • From our testing, the most improvement we have seen is 30kph (on a 25kph restricted motor). This is completely unweighted. On average customers have reported 28kph. The variance is depentant on rider weight and terrain.​

  • How much of a power increase will I get?

    • No extra power. This dongle only addresses the speed limitation. Power is determined by the the hardware itself ie. Battery voltage and motor.​

  • How do I fit the dongle to my bike?

    • It is fitted underneath the non-driveside chainstay. simply disconnect the motor cable from the controller cable and put the dongle in between. Make sure the arrows on the plugs are aligned and firmly pressed in to ensure proper engagement.​ You can push the excess cable up into the downtube of the bike.

  • I am from the United Stages, Does this work on bikes with higher restrictions?

    • The dongle works on both USA and NZ restricted bikes. You can expect the same improvement as the 25kph models which is up to 17%.​

  • My speed and distance is incorrect on my the app on my phone. Why is this?

    • As with nearly all speed restriction bypass systems, they trick the bicycles controller into not seeing the max speed (25kph/32kph). Therefor the actual speed shown on any display connected to the system will be incorrect. Our suggestion is to use an external GPS bicycle computer.

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