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**FACTORY SECONDS** Mahle (eBikemotion) X35 Speed Tune Dongle

If you are looking to save $25 off the full purchase price then a factory second maybe for you. This product is discounted further as it will have a similar moulding defect as seen in the picture. It works exactly as it is designed to but is cosmetically floored. The dongle still has it's ip67 waterproof rating. This dongle is for ALL X35 systems including X35 Plus.




Introducing the Mahle (eBikemotion) X35 Speed Tune Dongle: Unlock Your eBike's True Potential!

Are you a daily commuter looking for more speed and smoother riding on your eBike? Or perhaps you're an avid cyclist who wants to keep up with your local bunch ride effortlessly. Look no further than the Mahle (eBikemotion) X35 Speed Tune Dongle, the ultimate solution to enhance your eBike riding experience.

With our innovative dongle, you can hack into the full power of your eBike, unlocking its hidden potential for increased speed and performance. Say goodbye to limitations and restrictions; this tuning device allows you to derestrict your eBike, giving you the extra boost you've been craving.

Why choose the Mahle (eBikemotion) X35 Speed Tune Dongle?

1. Unleash Speed: Experience exhilarating rides as you effortlessly reach higher speeds. Our dongle bypasses factory-set speed limits, letting you push the boundaries of your eBike's capabilities.

2. Smooth Riding: Enjoy a smoother and more refined riding experience. The Speed Tune Dongle optimizes power delivery, ensuring a seamless and efficient ride every time you hit the road.

3. Commute with Ease: For daily commuters, our dongle transforms your eBike into the ultimate urban companion. Effortlessly navigate through traffic and arrive at your destination faster, all while enjoying a comfortable ride.

4. Keep Up with the Pack: Don't let your eBike hold you back during group rides. The Speed Tune Dongle helps you bridge the gap and ride alongside your local bunch with ease.

Experience the thrill of unrestricted riding and take your eBike to new heights with the Mahle (eBikemotion) X35 Speed Tune Dongle. Don't settle for less when you can have more!

Unlock your eBike's true potential today - get your Mahle (eBikemotion) X35 Speed Tune Dongle and enjoy the enhanced ride quality you deserve.

(Note: The term "hack" is used in the context of unlocking the full potential of the eBike and does not imply any alteration to the bicycles original manufacturing specifications.)


  • Benefit from speed increases up to 17% to both 25kph and 32 kph models.

  • SAFE. Our dongle does not alter firmware and leave a trace of being fitted
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Smallest form factor
  • IP67 waterproof rated. Injection moulded and no cheap heatshrink used
  • Flexible, perfect for any internally routed cable system


Some of the more popular bikes that include this system are:


  • Orbea Gain, Orbea Optima, Cannondale Supersix Evo Neo, Cannondale Quick Neo, Wilier Cento1 & Cento 10 Hybrid, Pinarello Dyodo, Ribble Endurance SLe, Ribble CGR AL e, Bianchi Aria E-Road, Colnago E64, Scott Addict eRide, Merida eSilex, Merida eSpeeder, Merida eScultura


We look forward to supporting you in your cycling journey.


***Due to statutory regulations it may not be allowed to use this product on public roads. It is for off road (private land) use only. Please check with your local authorities before use. This product may void any warranties provided with your bicycle. speedfun ghost vola bike


**FACTORY SECONDS** Mahle (eBikemotion) X35 Speed Tune Dongle

$125.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
Out of Stock


First ride with the dongle this morning and I'm thrilled!!! I did the group ride without being dropped which is why I got the bike. There is a 5 mile stretch where they crank it up to 23-24 mph and I had been getting dropped there even though I could maintain 20 on my own. NOT this morning!! I had been disappointed that I still was just short and still couldn't ride with my friends, I was thinking of selling the bike. Thank you, thank you for offering this! It was so exciting rolling in with the group to coffee at the end of the ride!

Bonnie - California, United States

Today I received my second delivery, the same dongle as I ordered before. I just put it on the bike and it works as it should perfectly, so happy, bought it for my brother as a gift.

Emmanuel - Bergschenhoek, Netherlands

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