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Ebikemotion X35 Tuning Dongle

Updated: Jul 20

Since the inception of mainstream eBikes here in Australia, we have seen many eBike users trying to get the most out of their steed. Although users are more often making their equipment illegal for use on Australian roads, we empathise with their frustration of the legislative speed restriction of 25kph. We don't condone illegal activity, but we do support their right to modify their equipment for use on private land and closed circuits where this legislation does not apply.

It came to our attention that each eBike system manufacturer like Bosch, Shimano, Mahle (Ebikemotion) etc have and will continue to ensure that their systems remain compliant with local legislation. Some do it well, some do not. In Australia, we believe that perhaps not all eBikes should have the same restrictions. A beach cruiser was not designed to travel at fast speeds where as racer style eBikes made by Wilier, Orbea, Scott, Pinarello, Colnago and Ribble were.

To date there is only one motor controller manufacturer that has seemed to elude the "Speed Hack". The Mahle Ebikemotion X35 system has been talked about for the last couple of years by frustrated users. Not that the system is of poor quality because it is a very nice system to operate, but they have done a very good job of implementing anti-hack measures.

Enter the new age of the Ebikemotion X35 Dongle. We have spent some considerable amount of time to develop a system that leaves the product the way it was designed. Our Ebikemotion X35 tuning option allows the user to increase their limited speed by up to 17%. This may not sound like much, but for those that choose to use it, it is the difference between holding onto the bunch or riding home alone.

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